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Put My Government Experience to Work for You

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I understand how the government makes decisions, and I am very familiar with its operations, internal processes, budget and fiscal regulations, and acquisition planning requirements.

I can help with all aspects of government contract law especially in the following areas:

  • Small Business Matters
  • Data Rights & Patents
  • Ethics Programs
  • Contract Administration & Terms/Conditions
  • Commercial Item Status
  • Subcontract Management
  • Non-FAR Contracts
  • Compliance & Training

My personality and background make me ideally suited to work with small businesses to navigate the U.S. Government contracts maze.


My love of challenges, puzzles and learning new subjects sets me up for success to master the complexities of government contracts. It’s no coincidence that my innate sense for efficiencies has me constantly seeking ways to make tasks more efficient for my clients.

I became a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt during my tenure at United Launch Alliance. The skills I acquired from this certification are leveraged when I develop processes for a company. 

With in-depth experience in government space programs, I can also advise on space law, including commercialization of space, liability and licensing.