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Small Business Matters

While the government market offers great opportunity for small businesses, it’s easy to miss out or be overwhelmed if you don’t have current expertise working within its framework.

Data Rights & Patents

Protect your intellectual property and innovations. Establishing copyrights, trademarks and patents is just the first step. My expertise can guide you to what you need for full protection.

Ethics Programs

All government contractors must have robust ethics and compliance programs. I can help tailor these programs for the needs of your specific company.

Contract Administration & Terms/Conditions

In addition to delivering products and services on time, businesses need to efficiently manage their contracts throughout the process—from proposal drafting through close-out.

Commercial Item Status

There can be dramatic differences between non-commercial and government specific requirement for commercial item acquisitions. Navigate the complexities with a trusted advisor who understands the differences and consequences of each option.

Subcontract Management

Management of subcontractors cannot be taken for granted. Strong processes, compliance and conflict resolution are necessary for any U.S. Government contract.

Non-FAR Contracts

Non-FAR contracts such as grants, cooperative agreements and other transactions with the U.S. Government are still subject to specific requirements and laws.

Compliance & Training

There’s no need for complicated procedures and lengthy training for your small business to remain compliant. Let me create a custom training program for your unique needs.

Dealing with the U.S. Government doesn’t have to be frustrating.

Your company deserves a trusted partner that will focus on collaboration and finding mutually beneficial solutions to keep your company’s relationship with the government strong.