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Contract Administration & Terms/Conditions

In addition to delivering products and services on time and in accordance with government requirements, businesses need to understand and manage their contracts throughout the process.

Contract administration is cumbersome. Your team needs to closely monitor progress from beginning to end and complete all required tasks along the way.

Standard tasks include assessing risk and negotiating terms, invoicing, reporting, modifying contracts, obtaining consent to subcontract, managing government property, responding to audits, establishing business systems, and completing all the tasks to close out a contract for final payment.

With more than 100 clauses on any government contract or subcontract, companies are best situated if they have efficient processes and checklists. Once the processes are created, then outside experts are only consulted as needed.

While some companies survive on a reactive basis, constant last-minute requests from a customer that is losing patience can place unnecessary stress on personnel and affect past performance assessments. A proactive method can increase efficiencies, reduce costs and manpower, and enable a company to expand.

I have the expertise to create a customized system for your organization’s contract administration.