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Goverment Contracts & the FAR

The role of the contracting officer is unique to government contracts and an essential aspect of working with the Government because the contracting officer is the sole person with authority to award, modify, administer or terminate a contract.

The issue of contract authority arises most frequently during the performance of a contract when a government employee who is not a contracting officer directs a company to perform work that is not within the scope of the contract.

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December 31st is fast approaching and so is the deadline for the Defense Department’s cybersecurity requirements for all government contractors and subcontractors.  For those who are not aware, in 2001, the federal government started the process for protecting classified information when stored or shared by electronic means. If contractors maintain a government IT system or si ...

I can still remember sitting at the Army JAG School, one of the few blue uniforms in a sea of green, to be taught the magic of government contracting. Still jet-lagged after the flight from Tokyo to Virginia, I was pounding coffee as the professors started educating us on fundamentals. Weeks later, I emerged as a new acquisition professional. Flash forward to present day and I ...

Dealing with the U.S. government doesn’t have to be frustrating.

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